The festive season is here, the time for New Year parties, friends, family and business gatherings, Christmas cocktails and rich, mouth-watering food. We have on stock for you 10 quick tips how to enjoy the Christmas season and at the same time preserve your body so you will have no regrets at the beginning of the New Year.

1. Pick a glass of red or white wine instead of distilled drinks.

A glass (3.5 fl. oz./1 dl) of wine has 85 kcal, while a shot of liquor that usually gets mixed with sweetened soft drinks contains 140. A glass of wine is quite healthy, as it contains iron, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants. Of all spirits, vodka contains the least calories (72 kcal), so if you must make a detour from your diet plan, choose vodka and mix it with a low-sugar soft drink like sugar-free Red Bull, Coca-Cola zero, etc.

2. Use cinnamon, cloves, stevia or oranges to sweeten your Christmas drinks

Avoid white sugar. You'll have enough of it already with desserts and other depraved meals, so there is need for sugar to find its way also into your drinks. You can use powdered or liquid stevia, together with an increased amount of spices and the drinks will taste just as delicious as before or perhaps even better ;)

3. Have smaller servings and do not skip meals.

In case you decide to break your diet plan, make sure you break it with small quantities of perverted food only, so you will both satisfy your palate and leave the crime scene with less guilt on your shoulders. In any case, do not worry, if you balance the crime out with light diet meals throughout the rest of the day, you will suffer no consequence on the scales.

4. Before you head for a social event ...

... where you know will be a lot of food, grab a protein and fibre-rich meal before you leave so you will not be hungry. A chicken or chickpea salad is a nice choice.

5. Bake low-calorie sweets

The cakes and sweets you make for the holidays can be sweetened also by using stevia, a natural sweetener, or you can satisfy your sweet tooth also with different light and healthy desserts, based on fruit and protein with no added sugar. Perhaps you can even give these as gifts to your friends and family this year, instead of high-calorie chocolates and other classical sweets.

6. After a long night, ...

... have yourself a delicious light soup to warm up your stomach. Tomato soup is a perfect choice.

7. Be well prepared for nights in the open air ...

... as you don't want to stay in bed for the rest of December. Always dress warm and at the same time boost your immune system with a dose of vitamins. We recommend a tablespoon of honey and ginger every morning.

8. Drink a lot of water on all social events.

It will first make you feel full, and second guard you from heavy headaches the day after, as it reduces the influence of alcohol.

9. At mealtimes, ...

... choose predominantly protein foods. If possible, avoid carbohydrates (bread, potato, pasta) and choose meat, fish and vegetables instead. Be moderate also with desserts.

10. Remember ...

... that one crazy night won't ruin all the efforts you have put into workout throughout December. However, several consecutive nights like this, without taking into account our recommendations, will leave more tracks as you might have desired.

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