Are you wondering how to get back on track after the holidays and be able to put on your favourite jeans again? We have on stock for you a few tips that will make the journey a bit easier. Don't give up and you will be thrilled with the transformation of your life.

1. With the help of a friend or partner everything gets easier

Agree with your friend or partner to take on the challenge together. You will serve as motivation to one another. Every day you will poke one another to see whether you have followed your nutrition plan and did your daily exercise. When motivation falls low, it's good to have someone around to encourage you to continue with your plan and fulfil the vows you have given yourself.


2. Set a clear, defined and realistic goal of where you wish to get

Write down on a piece of paper or your mobile a clear and defined goal you wish to achieve in the next 60 days. If you wish to lose a few pounds, write exactly how many. Step onto a scale to check your current weight and write down your goal for the 60 days to come. If your goal is a size number, write: »In the next 60 days I wish to lose 2 dress sizes, from 42 to 38.«

If your goal is to reduce your curve sizes, measure your hip, waist and thigh sizes and write down how many centimetres you wish to lose in the next 60 days. And don't forget: your goals need to be realistic. So don't set yourself to lose 20 cm on your waist line, if it is clear that it is impossible to achieve in 60 days. If you wish to shape your body, define exactly what that means for you (for instance: When I look in the mirror, I wish my behind would be more firm and lifted, my belly flatter and firmer and my arms more shaped) and support all that with centimetres. You have to remind yourself daily of why you decided to start in the first place, and the reason must always lie in yourself. Whenever you are doing this for someone else, it's the wrong way to go.

3. A clear and defined path to your goal

We all know that the path towards one's goal is much more important than the goal itself, because we want the changes we make along the way to be long-lasting. As a start it's best if you write down the 5 main points that will help you reach your goal in the following time-period.

For instance: The 5 main points towards reaching my goal are:

  • • I will start eating six times a day.
  • • I will drink more water, that is, at least 1.5 litres a day.
  • • I will reduce the number of coffees I drink per day from 3 to 2, with no sugar added and will replace the sugar with stevia.
  • • I will eat more fruit and vegetables: each day I will have a piece of fruit and a small bowl of salad.
  • • I will treat myself with an hour of time for myself three times a week and I will use it for exercise and spiritual development.

4. Cleaning up the fridge

Part of the process of changing your lifestyle or just losing a few pounds is also the preparation of your entire environment for the change. This is why we recommend you also reorganize your fridge and kitchen drawers to remove any possible temptations. Without this you'll have great difficulties in keeping up with your diet plan, because you will be constantly tortured by temptations.

5. This is not diet, this is a lifestyle

The changes you make in your daily diet are meant to be long-lasting and are not a »diet« in a classical sense of the word, which is why you should practice them until they become your habit/lifestyle. This is the only way for you to make wholesome and long-lasting changes in your life.

6. Changing your shopping habits and educating yourself in reading nutrition labels

Part of changing one's eating habits is also educating oneself to read nutrition labels properly, because one type of calorie is not equal to another. It is the environment that determines us in the 99%, which holds true also for your children and means that whatever you'll put on your plate, you'll also put onto your child's. Statistics show that in the majority of cases where both parents are overweight, the children experience the same condition. This is why we should make a wholesome lifestyle change not only for ourselves, but our children as well. This will also improve the relationships we have with them and our partner.

7. May proper execution be a constant in your exercise

We have prepared for you a daily exercise programme, the NBG guide that you can perform in the comfort of your living room. We recommend you to exercise 3 times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is of extreme importance that you perform the exercises correctly, because that way you will avoid potential injury. Especially if you are a beginner, you should listen to your body and don't exceed your limits. This is when injuries are most likely to occur.


8. An old photograph to keep close, etc.

Find an old photograph of you that represents a period of our life/a version of you in which you felt best in your skin. Put it in a visible place in your flat or your wallet to remind you daily of the goal you want to achieve.

9. Stress cannot be eliminated from your life, but we can learn to react to it differently

Stress has simply become a part of our lives, which is why we won't be able to eliminate or avoid it. What we can do is train ourselves to react differently in stressful situations, especially if eating is the way we seek comfort. Try the following routine: whenever you see you’ve become upset, take five deep breaths and go for a short walk outside, run a few miles, take an anti-stress ball and squeeze it or call your friend and let the load off your shoulders.

spanje10. Sleep - the key factor to success

It is important to be aware that lack of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns ruin our hormone balance, which is why we should first ensure that we have a long and comforting sleep whenever we can. If we do not have a regular sleeping pattern or lack sleep, our body starts releasing more hunger-stimulating hormones. It is best to sleep eight hours a day. Scientists have discovered that women, who’ve slept an average of five hours per night, gained a pound of weight over the course of a year. In addition, the majority of food we eat in a day should be consumed in the first half of the day, while less in the afternoon. If we get a fit of hunger in the evening, we should eat only protein and vegetables, but never carbohydrates.

11. Attention - tracking your progress in photographs

Throughout the 8 weeks, taking photos of yourself will be the primary form of measuring your progress, while weight and centimetres secondary. Although you’ll of course keep a record of your body weight and waist/hip/thigh/biceps sizes, focus on the progress visible on the photos. This is important because it often happens that the progress is not visible on the scale and in the measurements, but is obvious in the mirror (especially if your starting weight was moderate or low). Without visible tracking of your progress, you can easily lose motivation. When measuring progress it is also important to take a picture and measure yourself always at the same time of the day. This will keep your results free from the influence of having just drank or eaten something.

Measure your success:

  • • At he same day of the week,
  • • At the same time of the day,
  • • In the same clothes,
  • • On the same scale.

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