Since 2017 is slowly coming to an end, millions of people over the world are setting their goals for the coming year. Do you set yourself new goals each year? What about those you don't achieve? Do you just transfer them from year to year? Have you started forgetting and neglecting your new wishes and goals? Read below how to make 2018 really great and achieve all the goals you set yourself.

A study at Scranton University in 2014 has revealed that only 8% of people achieve their goals each year. We suggest you too take some time to review the past year, plan and decide what you wish to do in the next. When setting future goals you have to take into account that the best goals are measurable and a have a clear standard, according to which you can track your progress. But setting goals is just the first step in the process of achieving them, which makes it absolutely necessary to also have a good strategy, so you don’t wander off your track. Because we all know what happens to the goals we don't pursue.

Now, a few goals you can set yourself for 2018:

1. Attend at least one personal development course.

Learning and change are the markers of personal growth. By attending this kind of a course, you’ll demonstrate great initiative for personal development. Regardless if it's about setting goals or anything else, any course like this is a stimulant for personal growth. »Do not fear slow development; fear only to remain still.«

2. Earn an endorsement in your career.

Like personal growth, the development of your career also depends on how much effort you invest in it. The time spent on developing your career will demonstrate your initiative and commitment to the job. You’ll learn something new and at the same time impress your manager.

3. Read (at least) 12 books.

Books are usually the cheapest tools to acquire knowledge, be it on life in general or personal development, waiting for you to discover it. A book a month is a reasonable goal you need to achieve.


4. Put yourself first.

Some things are hard to say »no« to. Additionally, putting oneself first might sound selfish to many people, to some even totally inconsiderate. But that’s not how it truly is. Putting yourself first and taking some time for yourself, physically as well as mentally, gives every individual a space to create a better self. We cannot give our best to people and serve them if we are exhausted. Only happy and pleased with ourselves can we do that, but we must start at the beginning – with ourselves. And how to do it? Simple. Take some time for yourself each day, perhaps to read a book, attend a course you like or simply watch your favourite TV show.

5. Travel to unknown places

Visiting new places and meeting new people gives opens up new perspectives on life, ones we couldn’t achieve from our daily routines. Being exposed to new situations, food and experience changes us. You don't need to go very far. Travelling daily to some close, but yet unknown surroundings is enough for you to step out from your comfort zone. This is the kind of experience that enriches our lives.

6. Do something you've been putting off for a long time

We all have at least one thing we have always wanted to do, but somehow never found the time or energy to do it. This is something we keep telling ourselves: »One day …«, but that day never comes. Make this year different from the rest and make that day finally arrive.

7. Spend more time with people you like

How many times have you put off spending time with your family and friends because “you have so much to do” or simply “don't have time”? There is always something to do and deadlines to meet, for all of us. Keeping up with responsibilities usually takes a lot of time, but it is up to us to decide the priorities. In the following year, make more phone calls to your friends, parents and other people you know and like and go out for a drink with them more often than you used to this year.

There you go. Your seven goals for 2018. If you wish to have pleasing achievements, you need to set your goals accordingly. However, even though we all wish to achieve our goals, we also have to learn to be patient and willing to try. And be prepared to fail. Because when things don’t go as we would like them to, we mustn’t give up. Successful people do not rely only on their skills, talent or experience, but also their strength and will to keep on trying. And this is the difference between people who achieve their goals and people who don't. Enjoy life and don’t forget to celebrate every goal you achieve.