The last month of the year has come. To step into the new year full of motivation, positivity and determination to fulfil your New Year resolutions, start today with the help of our 31 changes calendar. With each small step you take, you will be one step closer towards your goal – your dream figure and complete transformation of your life.

1. Write a realistic goal onto a sheet of paper.

2.Take a picture of yourself in front of the mirror, dressed in your underwear and measure yourself.

3. Drink at least 1.5 L of water per day.

4. Eat your breakfast.

5. Buy cups to organize your diet.

6. Eat 6 times per day.

7. Eat a piece of fruit in the morning.

8. Eat a bowl of vegetables.

9. Take each day 5 minutes just for yourself.

10. Reduce your coffee intake to a cup a day.


11. Have a cup of legumes, chickpea being the best choice.

12. Take a walk.

13. Do something spontaneous.

14. Reorganize your fridge.

15. Say no to junk food.

16. Eat only if you are really hungry.

17. Never skip breakfast.

18. Eat a piece of fish.

19. Eat a handful of nuts.

20. Prepare your meals beforehand.


21. Have control over the portion sizes.

22. Write a nutrition diary.

23. Increase your protein intake.

24. Control your daily energy intake.

25. Eat at a table.

26. Reduce the portion size of your dinner.

27. Reduce your salt intake.

28. Reduce your daily food intake for 100 kcal.

29. Sleep 7 hours per night.

30. Reduce the intake of simple sugars.

31. Make a new selfie and repeat the measurements to check your progress.


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