As we all know and have heard a thousand times before, water is the primary source of life and essential for our health. But however important it is, a great number of people do not consume the recommended daily intake. Read five reasons why drinking water is essential for your health.

Our bodies consist of 60% water. The functions of this liquid include digestion, absorption, circulation, the forming of saliva, spreading nutrients across the body and maintaining body temperature. If the intake of water is insufficient, we may become dehydrated. This is especially common in warmer climates, during heavy exercise, on higher altitudes and with senior people, whose sense of thirst may have lost its sharpness.

1. No water – no life

We can only survive a few days without water. With food this period is much longer. That is why it is essential to place more attention to our water consumption than it currently gets.

2. Water stimulates weight loss

Drinking water can help us reduce our weight, as it fights the feeling of hunger and increases our metabolism. It is best to drink water half an hour before any meal, as it makes us feel less hungry and we therefore consume less calories. It is actually best to drink our water cold because our bodies will then use extra energy for heating it to body temperature. And what is most important: water doesn't bring extra calories into your body!

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3. Helps fight constipation and »cleans up« the body

Our metabolic system needs water to function properly. Constipation is a common health problem, manifested mostly in an irregular bowel movement. An increase in the intake of water is a fequent recommendation in the curative process, especially with people whose intake of water is normally too low. Similarly, if our consumption of water is too low, our body is unable to secrete residual products, which then accumulate in the body and help to produce a number of diseases.

4. Increases muscle strength

Body cells unable to maintain a balance of electrolytes face potential collapse, which may cause muscle tiredness. When muscle cells lack necessary liquids, thir performance decreases as well.

5. Perfects the skin

Skin is the body's largest organ. A sufficient amount of water hydrates it, makes it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth, and also prevents the creation of wrinkles. Water is the no. 1 meduim against wrinkles! Each and every cell and organ in our body needs water to function properly. Although we can get some of it through liquid and juicy foods, such as soups, tomatoes, oranges, etc., the great majority of it can only be acquired through drinking.

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