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General Terms and Conditions

1. General

These General terms and conditions have been drawn up in compliance with the consumer protection legislation, based on recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and international codes for web and e-commerce. The nuMe online shop (hereinafter referred to as: “Online Shop”) is operated by Filip Firm d.o.o., an e-business provider (hereinafter referred to as: “Merchant”). Registration number: 5872570000. VAT registration number SI 24970638.
By registering in the Online Shop, the visitor obtains a username that is identical to his or her e-mail address, and a password selected by the user. The username and the password uniquely identify a user and link him or her to the entered data. By registering, the visitor acknowledges to be a person who is of the age of majority and of full capacity to contract. By registering, the visitor becomes a user and obtains the right of purchasing. By buying a product, the user becomes a buyer.
By making a purchase or registering to the nuMe club, the consumer gives the Merchant consent to store, process and use personal data, submitted through a web form, until withdrawal, for the following purposes: sending the nuMe magazine, informing about new and special offers by telephone, in writing or electronically, inviting to events, customer segmentation, conducting surveys, statistical analyses.
These General terms and conditions define the operation of Online Shop, the rights and obligations of visitors, users and buyers, as well as the business relationship between the Merchant and user as the buyer of products available in the Online Shop.

2. Accessibility of information

The Merchant is committed to always provide the user the following information:

  • data about Merchant’s identity (company name and headquarters, number in the register of companies)
  • contact data, which allows the users to communicate with the Merchant quickly and effectively (e-mail, telephone etc.),
  • information about the essential characteristics of products and services offered in the Online Shop, including the after-sales services and guarantees;
  • information about the accessibility of products and services available in the Online Shop;
  • methods and conditions for delivery of products and services, especially the location and time of delivery;
  • information about the payment method;
  • information about the validity of offer in the Online Shop;
  • information about the period and conditions for withdrawal from the contract;
  • information about the options for product return and any associated costs for the user:
  • information about the complaints submission process and about the contact data for person with the Merchant, responsible for customer relations.

3. Product offer, delivery time and delivery

The product offer in the Online Shop is often changed and updated due to the nature of online commerce. We reserve the right to errors. In case you discover an error, please call us and let us know: +386 30 709 409. We will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

3.1. Special offers and discounts

Discounts are not cumulative! In case the products in the Online Shop are already included in a special offer, or if any discount is already offered for them, any additional discounts shall not apply for such products. In this event, the buyer will be offered a discount that is more favourable to him or her.

3.2. Delivery time

Products ordered by noon will be delivered within 4-6 working days in EU. In case you are not at home at the time of delivery, courier will call you to arrange the handover of the package. Packages are not delivered on Saturdays, Sundays or during the weekends.

3.3 Product delivery

Orders will be delivered via the most suitable carrier, dependent on size and weight. The Merchant reserves the right to select another mail service in order to fulfil the order more efficiently. 

The cost of delivery depends on the order sum and location of delivery:

Country Delivery time (days) Shipping Price (less than 100 EUR)
* 4-6  40,0
ALB 4-6  24,0
AND 4-6  24,0
AUT 4-6  7,0 
BEL 4-6  18,0
BGR 4-6  24,0
BIH 4-6  12,0
CAN 4-6  35,0
CHE 4-6  14,0
CYP 4-6  24,0
CZE 4-6  4,0 
DEU 4-6  3,9 
DNK 4-6  24,0
ESP 4-6  24,0
EST 4-6  24,0
FIN 4-6  24,0
FRA 4-6  18,0
GBR 4-6  24,0
GRC 4-6  24,0
HRV 4-6  40,0
HUN 4-6  14,0
IRL 4-6  24,0
ISL 4-6  24,0
ISR 4-6  24,0
ITA 4-6  18,0
LIE 4-6  14,0
LTU 4-6  24,0
LUX 4-6  18,0
LVA 4-6  24,0
MCO 4-6  24,0
MKD 4-6  24,0
MLT 4-6  24,0
MNE 4-6  12,0
NLD 4-6  18,0
NOR 4-6  24,0
POL 4-6  40,0
PRT 4-6  40,0
ROU 4-6  40,0
SMR 4-6  40,0
SRB 4-6  12,0
SVK 4-6  4,0 
SVN 2-3  3,9 
SWE 4-6  24,0
TUR 4-6  24,0
UKR 4-6  24,0
VAT 4-6  24,0

4. Method of payment

The Merchant offers the user the following options of payment for products from the Online Shop:

  • Cash on delivery (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria);
  • PayPal,
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Cards.

5. Prices

The online price applies for all registered users of Merchant’s Online Shop.
All prices in the Online Shop are in euros and include VAT, unless stated otherwise. The prices in the B2B Online Shop (option) exclude VAT, or VAT is expressly listed. All prices in the Online Shop are the prices of products and exclude any delivery costs (see Sections 3 and 10). All prices apply only for electronic ordering of products in the Online Shop.
For all orders, shipments may be subject to import fees and taxes that are due on arrival. It is impossible for Merchant to determine these charges as they vary from country to country. You have to pay all taxes and governmental fees Merchant is required to collect or pay upon sale or delivery of products unless you provide Merchant with direct payment authority or an exemption certificate valid in the jurisdiction the products will be delivered.
All prices are valid in the moment of placing an order, and there is no price validity period determined in advance. The prices are only valid until they are changed. The Merchant makes every effort to make sure the information is up-to-date and exact, but this does not exclude the possibility of an invalid price being displayed. In the latter case and if the price changes while an order is being processed, that is from the moment of placing the order to the moment of confirming the order, the Merchant will:

  • notify the user (buyer) about it and inform him or her about the new price; in this case the user (buyer) has the right to change the order, cancel it completely, or confirm the order with new prices; with no additional costs to the user; or
  • enable the user (buyer) to back out from the offer, and at the same time offer him or her a solution to the benefit and satisfaction of both parties.

6. Purchasing process

6.1. Order accepted

After placing an order, the user (buyer) receives an e-mail message from the Merchant, confirming the order has been accepted. The user (buyer) has the right to cancel an order without consequences in 1 hour after receiving this notification. After an order has been placed, the user (buyer) is unable to change it, except by cancelling the order. Full information about the status and content of individual orders is available to the user (buyer) in user’s profile at the Merchant’s website.

6.2. Order confirmed

If the user (buyer) does not cancel the order, the order will be processed. After receiving an order, the Merchant verifies the availability of ordered products and either confirms the order or rejects it with proper justification. In order to verify the data or ensure the accuracy of delivery, the Merchant may also contact the user (buyer) by telephone, using the provided contact telephone number. Upon confirming an order, the Merchant notifies the user (buyer) by e-mail about the anticipated delivery time. At this point in time, a purchase contract for ordered products is irrevocably concluded between the user (buyer) and the Merchant (see Section 7).

6.3. Goods shipped

The Merchant prepares and ships the ordered products in the agreed period, notifying the user (buyer) about it by e-mail. In the e-mail mentioned above, the Merchant also notifies the user (buyer) about the product return policy, and names the contact persons in case of complaints or delayed deliveries.

7. Purchase contract

The Merchant presents to the user who bought a product in the Online Shop a written invoice, including the cost break down and a notification about the right to withdraw from the purchase by returning the bought product; if necessary and possible. A purchase contract in the form of a purchase order is stored in electronic form in the Merchant’s server, and available to the user (buyer) at any time through the user’s profile. The purchase contract is concluded in English language.
A purchase contract between the Merchant and the user (buyer) is concluded in the moment when the Merchant confirms the order (see Section 6.2). From this moment on, all the prices and other terms of purchase are fixed and binding both for the Merchant and for the user (buyer).

8. Right to withdraw from purchase, product return

According to the Obligations Code the consumer is responsible to accept and pay for the shipment. If the shipment is not accepted for any unjustified reason, this causes financial damage to the company. All potential consumers are called upon to check their financial situation before placing an order and upon lack of financial resources do not order from the online shop. In the event of an unaccepted shipment the customer will be charged the expenses occurring from this situation, which include the expenses of an unaccepted shipment (3.70 €, along with the cost of the return shipment that varies according to shipment) and the costs of preparing the shipment, which include also the costs of processing the return shipment. These costs amount to 10.00 € for each shipment and cover 2.5 € for the material and packaging used in preparing the shipment as well as 7.5 € for the administrative work needed in processing the shipment. The client can avoid paying these expenses by ordering another delivery, increased for the expenses of the return shipment and new delivery.

In 15 days from delivery of ordered products, the user (buyer) has the right to notify the Merchant using the contact e-mail address customercare@nu-Me.eu or telephone number +386 30 709 409 about his or her decision to withdraw from the purchase contract, without having to disclose the reasons for such a decision. The act of returning the purchased products to the Merchant in the period of withdrawal from the purchase contract shall be deemed to be a notification of withdrawal. The only cost that must be covered by the user (buyer) withdrawing from the purchase contract is the cost of returning the products to the Merchant.
The purchased products must be returned to the Merchant not later than in 14 days after the notification of withdrawal from the purchase contract. The purchased products must be returned to the Merchant undamaged, in the original packaging and in unchanged quantity, unless the products have been destroyed, spoiled, lost or reduced in quantity for reasons outside of the user’s (buyer’s) influence.

The product must be sent in its original packaging to the following address.
Filip Firm d.o.o.,  Bizoviška cesta 7F, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Please write “Refund” on a piece of paper and make sure to include all the accessories, user manual and the original box, along with your order ID and your email address within the package. Once the package has arrived safely and inspected we can refund your full order.
Return shipping costs are covered by the customer.

For any products returned, the Merchant shall at the earliest convenience, but not later than in 14 days after the notification of withdrawal, refund the user (buyer) the sum paid or return the gift coupon. Any promotional codes or other discounts used shall not be refunded to the user (customer). The Merchant shall refund the sum paid to the user’s (buyer’s) personal bank account. The Merchant shall return a gift coupon used in the form of a credit note.
Even though our actions are always made in good faith, errors are possible when making changes to the website.
The Merchant undertakes to remedy any errors discovered as soon as possible.
The user can notify the Merchant of an error by calling the mobile telephone number or by e-mail.
In the event that unjustified costs are incurred as the result of an error, the Merchant obliges to attempt to cover the costs not later than in 14 days after a substantiated notification of error.
Before shipping, the Merchant carefully packs the products into a delivery box. All the products are undamaged, carefully checked and placed in the original packaging before shipping.

The buyer must notify the Merchant and provide a detailed description of the defect together with a complaint form to customercare@nu-Me.eu or +386 30 709 409. The buyer must make it possible for the Merchant to inspect a product with a material or concealed defect. If the defect is not contestable, the Merchant shall replace the buyer’s product or refund the purchase money not later than in 14 days after receiving the complaint. In the event that the Merchant does not acknowledge a material defect, or if there is a dispute about it, the Merchant must send the buyer an objection in writing in the same period.
The Merchant shall make sure to replace or refund the purchase money to the bank account for all products that were subject to complaint. The Merchant reserves the right to reject a complaint if:

  • the returned goods were damaged by the buyer,
  • the returned goods have no safety seal, or have not been returned in the original packaging,
  • if the Merchant determines that the product has been damaged or rendered unusable as a result of improper handling by the buyer.

9. Warranty

The products are covered with a warranty if it says so on the invoice or the warranty certificate. The warranty is valid provided the instructions and conditions on the warranty certificate have been met, and upon presentation of the invoice. The warranty period can be found on the warranty certificate or on the invoice. The informations about the warranty also accompany the product presentation in the Online Shop. If there is no information about the warranty in the Online Shop, it means the product is not covered by a warranty.
The user (buyer) can claim the warranty with the Merchant, or directly with the product manufacturer, or its authorized service facility. The buyer can claim the warranty using the warranty certificate and invoice. The manufacturer or its authorized service facility is obligated to perform the warranty repair in 45 days from receiving the product for repair, or replace the product with another equivalent product in mint condition.

10. Delivery

The Merchant will deliver the ordered products to the user (buyer) in the agreed period. Orders will be delivered via the most suitable carrier, dependent on size and weight. The Merchant reserves the right to select another mail service in order to fulfil the order more efficiently.

Tracking is available on Standard Delivery services. You'll receive a shipping confirmation email from the warehouse with a tracking link for your parcel so you can follow its journey. Once your order has arrived in your country, it will be passed on to an internal postal service, according to standard delivery procedures."

11. Security

The Merchant uses suitable technical and organisational means to secure the transmission and storage of personal data and payments. The Merchant uses for this purpose a 128-bit SSL-certificate, issued by an authorized organisation.
Secure authorisation and credit card transactions are provided by PayPal. Credit card authorisations are executed in real-time with immediate verification of data with the banks. The card data is not stored on the Merchant’s server.
The users themselves are also responsible for the security of their usernames and passwords, as well as for proper software and antivirus protection of their computers.

12. Protection of children

The Merchant shall not accept in the Online Shop orders for someone known or suspected to be a child without an express permission from the child’s parents or custodian. The Merchant offers no free access in the Online Shop to products or services harmful to children.
The Merchant will not be accepting any personal data about children without an express consent from their parents or custodians, and will not be disclosing data received from children to third persons, except to their parents and custodians.
Any communication targeting children will be appropriate to their age and will not take advantage of their credulity, lack of experience or sense of loyalty.

13. Privacy policy

The Privacy policy is a part of these General terms and conditions and is available here.

14. User reviews and product ratings

Reviews, comments and product ratings submitted by users or visitors are a part of the Online Shop functionalities and are destined to the community of users.
The Merchant shall not be held responsible for the content of reviews, comments and product ratings submitted by the users or visitors. Before publishing them, the Merchant verifies the reviews, comments and ratings, and rejects those containing obvious falsehoods, being abusive or obscene, or, at the Merchant’s discretion, not offering any benefit to other Online Shop users or visitors. The Merchant shall not be held responsible for the information in reviews, comments and ratings, and shall be released from any liabilities arising from such information.
By submitting their reviews, comments or ratings, the users or visitors expressly agree with the Terms and conditions and allow the Merchant to publish a part of the text or the whole text in any electronic or other media. The Merchant has the right to use the content of reviews, comments or ratings for own business purposes, with no time restrictions and for any purpose, including the publishing of latter in advertisements and other marketing communications. The authors of reviews, comments and ratings declare and give assurance to be the owners of material and moral copyrights for their written reviews, comments or ratings, and transfer these rights on the Merchant free of charge, non-exclusively and with no time restrictions.

15. Limitation of liability

The Merchant shall take every care to ensure the data published in the Online Shop is up-to-date and accurate. However, the product characteristics, delivery term or price may change rapidly and the Merchant might not always be able to correct the data published in the Online Shop in time. In this event, the Merchant shall notify the user (buyer) about the changes and offer him or her the option to withdraw from or change the order (see Section 5).
Even though the Merchant makes every effort to provide accurate images of products sold in the Online Shop, all images are for illustrative purposes only. Images make no representations about the product quality.

16. Complaints, disputes and jurisdiction

The Merchant acts in compliance with the valid legislation covering the area of consumer protection. The Merchant has established an effective system for dealing with complaints and has appointed a person the user (buyer) can contact by phone or by e-mail. In case of problems, the user (buyer) should call the following number: +386 30 709 409. The user (buyer) can also send a complaint to the following e-mail address www.nu-Me.eu. The complaint procedure is confidential.
Within 5 working days, the Merchant will confirm that he has received a complaint and inform the user (buyer) how long he will need to process the complaint, and will keep the client posted during the entire procedure. The Merchant will make every effort to settle any potential disputes amicably. If this is not possible, the disputes between the Merchant and user (buyer) will be settled by the local competent court in Ljubljana. The Merchant and the user (buyer) as participants in electronic commerce both confirm the validity of their e-mail exchange before the court.
For these General Terms and Conditions and in case of any disputes between the Merchant and the user (buyer), the Slovenian substantive and procedural law will be applied. No provisions of international private law apply to make reference to the laws of another jurisdiction.
For all relations, rights and obligations, which are not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Code of Obligations, the Electronic Commerce Market Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act shall apply.

17. Changing the General terms and conditions

In the event of changes to rules governing the operation of online shops, data protection or other areas related to the operation of Merchant’s Online Shop, or in case the Merchant changes his own business policy, the Merchant may change and/or amend these General terms and conditions, notifying the users of such changes in a suitable manner, mainly by posting on the “www.nu-Me.eu” website. Any changes and/or modifications to the General terms and conditions shall enter into force upon the expiry of an eight-day period after publishing the changes and/or amendments. If changing and/or amending the General terms and conditions is necessary for harmonisation with the regulations, these changes and/or amendments may exceptionally enter into force in a shorter period.
If the user does not agree with the changes and/or amendments to these General terms and conditions, he or she must cancel the registration in eight days from the date of publishing of changes and/or amendments to the General terms and conditions. Otherwise, the user shall be deemed to accept the changes and/or amendments to the General terms and conditions. The registration is to be cancelled by sending a written notification of cancellation to the Merchant.

These General terms and conditions have been adopted by the CEO of company Filip Firm d. o. o. Rok Kramer, in Ljubljana on 1. July 2022.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience in our Online Shop!

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