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It's time for a NU promise - start today

It's time for a NU promise - start today


“The journey begins with a single step, but you will never finish if you don’t start!”






• I / Welcome to A Nu You!

• II / Why nuMe Kickstart Program? 

Step 1 / Identify Your Current Situation (Body Measurements) and Your Daily 9 nuMe Fulfillness Factors (sliders)

NBG MOTIVATIONAL PLAN / Motivational quote of the day 



  • • Preface I / Hello NU YOU! (VIDEO + text)

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to the journey to a NU YOU!

My life was far from easy and I was raised in an entrepreneurial family, so I learned from early age that if you want to succed in life, no matter what you are doing, you need to work hard and persist at your goal, your vision. And that giving up was not an option! In order to get where I am today; happy, confident, fullfilled, at peace with my self and doing what I love, I needed to go through several ups and downs in my professional life, as well as in my personal life. I was early on faced with all the bad sides of the business or to say bad sides of people who made decisions from the position of power and that just made me stronger as an entrepreneur to create a company with a mission to transform people’s lives and also recrute people that are passionate about fulfilling our mission and making a difference in a world.

But I’m a firm beliver that in life there are no concidensec and that everything happens for a reason and with the energy that we are steering. Positive or negative. And also there is a reason why now in this exact moment you are reading this NBG Coaching Plan. Because you’ve decided NOW, is your time. Your time to put yourself first again and you are ready to work on yourself. You have enough of the methods that don’t work and you want long lasting results through the plan, which will help you change your life habits and help you fulfill your nu life vision.

That’s why my rule is not 80% nutrition, 20% workout, BUT 40% nutrition, 10% physical workout and 50% mental (mind & emotions) workout.

However, it takes time to change bad habits the right way. Even though you know what it takes time to change your lifestyle, it’s just not easy to turn knowledge into action. But it’s much easier with someone who understands you and knows what you need and what are you going through as a woman.

I understand your struggle, I understand how it feels when you don’t have strenght in the morning to get out of bed and dress up for work because everything in your wardrobe is to tight or you just can’t find in the stores decent nice clothes in your size. I understand when you don’t feel good in your body and you just want to hide. I understand when you start shutting yourself out from your friends, partner, people around you. I understand when you say you are carrying all the burthen of the world on your shoulders or you just can’t find a decent job because everybody is judging you by your looks. When every day seems darker than the other and you don’t know how to climb back again or when the relationship between your partner just ain’t the same anymore and you just want to be desired again.

I've also been there. In my worst version 15 years ago when I was just so unhappy. Unhappy with my relationship in that time, when I was trying to make somebody else happy and that the person would love me back like I loved him, but he just couldn't return the love that I was giving him. I was trying my best and all the time looking for the reasons in me what I was doing wrong. I was giving him my all. And I was craving for his love so much that was just destroying me. Going around in circles how to deal with all that emotions and ofcourse food was my best healer, confider and my best friend. I just felt so good when I was eating and all the problems have just disappered. But than the reality hit and all my dates with food had an impact on my weight, on my looks. And I was just unhappy some more. Unhappy with how I looked and gained on weight. And I can tell you food can be such a great drug, addictive at one point. But the problem is, that this is addiction which you can not hide, because it's very quickly visible on the outside.

BUT... I managed to turn it around. Started a nuMe!

I MADE A DECISION this is not the way I want to live. I deserve more than that. This is not my life. And that I won't allow anybody to make me feel that way again. Unloved, unappreciated, not enough. But first of all I needed to start loving myself, appreciating myself and that I'M ENOUGH!

I was working as aerobic instructor already at that time and wanted to be somebody who girls look up to, and sport was always in my life. But I needed to sort my emotions which were controlling my nutrition. I needed to change my behaviour pattern which was destructive for me and all the puzzles in my life suddenly started to assemble. And I knew that the only one who can do that is me. I'm the only one who can change that by making different decisions which will lead to different outcomes. I'm the only one who can change my destiny. As whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. (Napoleon Hill)

I stepped out of my destructive relationship which was holding me back to leverage my maximum potential and made room for me loving me first and somebody who will love me the way I am with all my flaws.

Slowly with the right nutrition and workouts, the results started to show and I was starting to love my body again and just being happy. And everybody started to notice it too, asking me what I did and what was my secret.

And that's how I found my passion in helping women make long-lasting life transformations.

Then idea hit while working as a distributor of a diet food for 6 years why invest all the passion, the knowledge, the experience and resources in somebody elses business if we can create our own. I teamed up with the best health care professionals and coaches which I got to know during the last 15 years and in 2 years we developed amazing and life-changing concept which empowers women to take life in their own hands and get the results which they are expecting without any bogus promises.

Effective, trusted, but simple formula and I'm guiding you every step of the way on a journey to your transformation. So we created nuMe 360° concept.
Amazing value that you get additionaly is for all of you who will decide for nuMe Plans with nuMe Nutrition & NBG Plan, I will support, teach, and coach you, but do it virtually.

SO STOP! And allow me to help you clim back again, putting yourself first and creating the best version of yourself! Allow me to help you make a Nu Start today!
nuMe 360° Concept has everything it takes to show you how to change yourself. It will help you to a long-lasting life transformation you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re ready to become a Nu You start your journey with a 12-week NBG Coaching Plan, a complete 36-step Master Class which also includes daily workbook which you can find in your personal nuMe account when login in.

The nuMes are the doers who understand how to turn their dreams into reality and in doing so they create a better, more beautiful world for themselves and everyone else. They are productive people: happy and healthy individuals who are definitely not lucky, however it may appear so. They are women who have consciously or unconsciously made a decision - a decision I sincerely hope you will make here and now.
The process of developing a Nu You seems simple, but it is not easy. It requires self-discipline. So if you want to make a transformation, no one will give it to you. You have to earn it! If you put in 20%, don’t expect to get 100% of outcome. This applies for all areas in life. If you are resisting the change and are afraid of steping out of your comfort zone, you will not succeed. If you won’t implement the changes in all areas of your life, workout and change eating habits and if you don’t put in effort with changing your bad habits and behavioural patterns, you will not succeed. You only get out what you are prepared to put in! And I will help you put in 100%! With nuMe 360° Concept prepare for life-changing results. So Start a Nu You Today!

We will refer to you in a NBG Coaching Plan as a nu You = a winner, a doer who decided to step upon the life-changing transformation to create her dream lifestyle which she always wanted.

We will refer to all of women which character represents the strength to achieve their goals “The nuMes”.

You need to put in the work, so your dream starts to grow into a theory, and slowly magically it becomes a reality.

It will not be long before you begin to create winning results. Don’t force ... calmly imagine; the more you work on a Nu You, the sooner you will develop a diamond-hard self-esteem that will be both unshaken by adversity and triumphant in success.

  • • Preface II / Why nuMe Kickstart Program?

Ask yourself truthfully why you've decided for nuMe Kickstart Program and what are your expectations and your goals you want to achieve (be honest with yourself)? (Deeper goal setting is coming later)

Answer, why nuMe Kickstart Program?

  • • Step 1 / Identify Your Current Situation (Body Measurements) and Your Daily 9 nuMe Fulfillness Factors (sliders)


Session 1 of Week 1 - 40 MINUTE FULL BODY WORKOUT

nuMe - NBG Workout Plan - Start A Nu You Today! from Tamara Sisic Kramer on Vimeo.

nuMe - NBG Workout Plan - WEEK 1/SESSION 1 from Tamara Sisic Kramer on Vimeo.



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