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nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin

6 meals

Changing your eating habits and losing weight has never tasted sweeter. A revolutionary slimming and beauty product infused with a sumptuous chocolate muffin flavour, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin is designed to efficiently melt away your low self-confidence and potential health issues, and create a nu you today.

16.45 €

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  • Description

    Are you ready to start creating a nu you today?

    nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin:

    • Can help you lose up to 9kg per month* while keeping your taste buds happy with yummy chocolate flavour
    • Is a great way to kick-start your nu, healthier lifestyle - you will start seeing results within the first week, which will only improve your motivation
    • Contains all the nutrients needed for healthy weight loss in only 118 kcal per serving
    • Can replace any or all your daily meals for just 1.9 EUR per meal
    • Contains collagen to increase skin elasticity and prevent saggy skin during weight loss
    • Is EFSA approved and proven effective in over 50 clinical studies
    • Is GMO- and gluten-free with no added sugar, and suitable for diabetic patients and vegetarians
    • Comes in a fashionable, multifunctional and environmentally friendly case, designed by one of the world’s leading industrial designers Karim Rashid

    * Average monthly weight loss in clinical studies: 6-9kg

    How does it work?

    nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin is an innovative nutritional solution specially designed to help you cope with moderate and severe weight problems. Packed with all vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients your body needs to support healthy weight loss, it can be used as the sole source of food in a very low calorie diet (<800kcal). 

    Developed by doctors, personal trainers and nutritionists to promote both health and beauty, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin combines efficient weight loss and comforting indulgence of chocolate muffins, making it a perfect choice for modern women.

    A daily menu of 6 smaller portions helps you adapt to a completely new way of eating and shrinks your stomach, so nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin changes your eating habits for good. Whenever you decide to go back to a more traditional diet, you will find it easier to limit your meals and maintain healthy weight.

    With its high nutritional value, low calorie count and enough protein to help you maintain your muscle mass, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin can replace all your daily meals, paving your way to a nu – slimmer, healthier and happier – you.

    Who is it suitable for?

    nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin can be used by most coffeeholics who want to lose excessive weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The product is not recommended for children, young people, elderly people, pregnant women and people allergic to soy or milk.

    How to use it?

    All you need for a tasty shake is one serving of nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Chocolate Muffin mixed with 250-300 ml of water in a stylish nuMe shaker/water bottle. 6 servings ensure that your daily nutritional needs in a VLCD (very low calorie diet) are fully met.

  • Product Info
    meals 6
  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS: Soy protein isolate, milk powder (skimmed milk powder, protein-enriched whey powder), dextrin, soy lecithin powder, minerals**, maltodextrin, cacao powder fatreduced, hydrolyzed collagen (5,1%), flavour, vitamins**, thickener xanthan, sweetener sucralose.

    **VITAMINS: Vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, vitamin A, panthothenic acid, vitamin B6, riboflavin (B2), tiamin (B1), vitamin K, folic acid, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

    **MINERALS: Potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, zinc, ferrous, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium, selenium, molybdenum.

    Allergy information: Contains soy and milk.

  • Nutritional table
    1 serving (33 g)
    100 g
    *198 g
    12,2 g
    37,0 g
    73,2 g
    9,2 g
    27,9 g
    55,2 g
     - Of which sugars
     4,5 g
     13,8 g 
     27,0 g
     3,2 g
     9,8 g
     19,2 g
     - Of which saturated fatty acid
     0,7 g
     2,0 g
     4,2 g
    Dietary fibre
     4,6 g
     13,9 g
     27,6 g
    Linolenic acid
     0,1 g
     0,38 g
     0,75 g
    Linoleic acid
     1 g
     3,2 g
     6,3 g
     0,49 g
     1,48 g
     2,94 g
    Pre 100 g
     Pre 198 g
     A- Vitamin (ug) 
     B1- Vitamin (ug) 
     B2- Vitamin (ug) 
     B6- Vitamin (ug) 
     B12- Vitamin (ug) 
     Folic acid (ug) 
     Niacin (mg)
     Pantothenic acid (mg)
     Biotin (ug)
     C - Vitamin  (mg) 
     D - Vitamin(ug)
     E - Vitamin (mg) 
     K - Vitamin (ug)
     Calcium (mg)
    Phosphorous (mg)
    Magnesium (mg)
    Iron (mg)
    Zinc (mg)
    Copper (mg)
    Iodine (mg)
    Manganese (mg)
    Chromium (mg)
    Selenium (mg)
    Molybdenum (mg)
    Chloride (mg)
    Potassium (mg)
    Sodium (mg)

    *Daily allowance = 198 g

    ****not defined

  • Preparation

    INSTRUCTIONS: Always remember to drink plenty of fluids while dieting, preferably 2-3 liters of water a day. It is recommended that this product be used under medical supervision. When using the nuMe slim shake as the only source of food, it should not be used for longer than 3 weeks without medical advice. It is also recommended that pregnant women, children, young people and elderly people do not use this product. With 6 portions of nuMe slim shake per day, your nutritional needs are fully met. It is important to eat all 6 portions of nuMe slim shake.

    Directions for use: Each portion must be mixed and shaked with 2,5 – 3 dcl water.

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