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Designed to support intense elimination of excess water and toxins in the body and decreases swelling of joints with its fresh juicy lemon flavor, nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon makes slipping into your favorite dress and starting a healthier lifestyle pure fun. This delicious drink will decrease your retaining of water in the body and joints with strong drainage effect and make you feel lighter and more satisfied.


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  • Description

    Are you ready to start creating a nu you today?

    nuMe Water Drainer Drink:

    • Is designed to complement nuMe Slim shakes, soups and bars to help you lose up to 9 kg per month* in a VLCD diet (>800kcal per day)
    • Eliminates Excess Water and Toxins
    • Decreases swelling of joints (ankles, knees, hands) where most frequently water is retained
    • Clean label with 6 active ingredients: Contains black tea extract, dandelion root dry extract, cherry stalk dry extract, green tea extract, ash leaf dry extract
    • Easy to use only 1 stick per day in 1,5 dl of water
    • Health claims studied by EFSA

    How does it work?

    nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon contains 6 active ingredients which intensely eliminate excess water and toxins.

    nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon is a weight loss booster that works best in combination with the balanced nutrition of nuMe slim and beauty nutrition in a VLCD diet.

    Who is it suitable for?

    nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon can be used as a complement of balanced nutrition by most adults suffering from moderate or severe weight problems.

    How to use it?

    Recommended daily intake is 1 stick per day dissolved in a 1,5 dl glass of water.


  • Product Info
    meals No
  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS: Soluble wheat fibres, natural flavourings, ash leaf dry extract, maltodextrin, chicory root fibres, black tea leaf dry extract, caffeine, green tea leaf dry extract, cherry stalk dry extract, dandelion root dry extract, powdered fennel fruit dry extract, dextrin. Contains caffeine. Contains gluten.

  • Nutritional table
    Active ingredients
    For 1 stick (3 g)
    Black Tea leaf dry extract
    78 mg
    Ash leaf leaf dry extract
    140 mg
    Dandelion root dry extract
    16 mg
    Cherry stalk dry extract
    60 mg
    Powdered fennel fruit dry extract
    4 mg
    Green tea leaf dry extract
    75 mg
  • Preparation

    Directions for use:

    Recommended daily intake is 1 sachet dissolved in a 1,5 dl glass of water.

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