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Váš nový vzhľad

Váš nový vzhľad


My name is Sibila and I am 34-year-old businesswoman, working in corporate banking for almost 10 years now. I am a daughter and a girlfriend and happy owner of 1,5 year old dog name Bobo. I love sun and the sea; I love spending time with my friends, long walks with my dog and absolutely hate winter.

Today I am completely new woman from inside and out. Not only I am 11 kg lighter than I was when I began my (weight lose) journey 3 months ago, but also I completely fell in love with my life. My story is not one of overnight successes; there is no magic pill. It is result of having clear goal in front myself, knowing exactly why and for whom I was doing this and result of courage to face my fears, hard work; perseverance and great help of my new “BEST FRIEND”.

I was unhappy due to my low self-esteem and desperate to get back in shape. I put the blame on everything and everyone else for my unhappiness and I always found 100 reasons why I will not be able to succeed and why there is no reason to start.

I was never seriously overweight, but year after year I was gaining kilos and was feeling worse and worse in my own skin. Long hours at work, unhealthy eating habits, and no time to exercise... I was able to go the whole day without eating and in the evening I could eat everything I found in the refrigerator.

After a while I saw my journey of losing weight was emotional roller coaster ride of trials, errors… ups and downs… but I had no idea it will be also a journey of self-discover and learning.

In the past I tried almost everything, from strict diets to almost not eating at all… I was hungry and had no energy, so in the end I always returned to unhealthy eating habits and immediately put the lost weight back.  I associated food with emotions, I ate when I was stressed, angry, sad … or even when I was happy or in love. I was trying to feed my soul not my hunger.

All actually began 2 years ago. I just started great new job, I was head over heals in love... Everything was perfect, but I was miserable because I could not control my eating and started gaining weight. My dissatisfaction influenced my relationship with my boyfriend. I berried myself in work and tried to convince myself that career came first and that will bring me happiness and satisfaction. But when I finally started to treat and deal with my source of problem and not consequences than everything changed.

nuMe slim food was a great way to kick start my motivation as results were seen already after one week. My body learned to eat 6 small portions a day and for myself it was great because I didn’t need to organize my nutrition, weigh everything, calculate, etc. With nuMe slim food I had complete control of what I was putting in my body.

NBG Coaching Plan helped me revile my patterns why I actually ate and that the reason for my emotional eating was dissatisfaction that I can’t control specific things in my life. But when I eat I could control my food and that was the best feeling ever. Even dough the good feeling lasted only short time; I repeated it again and again. A fear that I have to face with my other problems in my family which more emotionally suffocating me and I was not prepared to deal with them. But when that fear was eliminated through great exercises and tools that NBG coaching plan offers, all the walls started to collapse and my long-lasting transportation started. 

A sailing boat is safe in the harbor, but this is not its purpose. So, put the sails up and dare to explore the ocean, waves and wind which can bring you to unleash your full potential! I did. I chose nuMe

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Položiek: 9

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