The festive season has knocked on our door with all its magic. It brings joy, closeness, parties and family time on the one hand but on the other also the stressful selection of gifts, rushing from one place to another, a lot of harmonizing all the obligations to manage everything on time and spend moments with our family, friends ... STOP. Take your time and look at yourself. What is the best you can give yourself and your loved ones this time of the year? How can you make them smile? The greatest gift you can give is actually yourself, your health and your well-being. How to get it? Start a NU way and become a NU You today. Shine bright like the diamond deeply hidden in you and become the best possible version of yourself.

Therefore we have prepared for you, in this beautiful December, a way, full of advice, incentives and gifts that will help you not only to enjoy this time of the year without bad conscience, but also to remind you of the importance of giving yourself and the rest of the world small gifts, even just a smile or a nice word. We've prepared 24 days of full content and encouraging steps that will help you on the way to a NU you. You will discover tips for a healthy lifestyle, to strengthen your self-esteem, in relation to festive styling, as well as tips for simple gifts and super-tasty, healthy recipes. There will also be tips for effective exercise. In order to make this December really unforgettable, we will give away really great prizes. You have the chance to win great nuMe products EVERY DAY. Join us and discover our Advent Calendar made especially for you.



Celebrate every tiny VICTORY.

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My dear, are you looking for a perfect present for your friends? The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, but not only to them, to yourself as well. The next best thing is a healthy gift that supports one on the way to a complete transformation. A perfect choice are our efficient and delicious nuMe products (shakes, soups, bars) that will make daily meals healthier and enrich them with vitamins, minerals and fibre in the exact amount a person needs per day. And collagen will take care of the beauty of the skin and hair.

Were you a good girl this year? Do you want to make a complete transformation? Choose one of our nuMe packages, which include extremely effective and delicious nuMe products with collagen. They will help you change your eating habits, jump back into your favourite dress and bring you the results you expect.

Women that already jumped back into their little black dress! Join them!


LUCIJA JOSIPOVIĆ, entrepreneur and mom

By discovering this simple diet, where you simply put water to the pre-prepared meals, mix and drink or eat them and thus introduce all the nutrients your body needs for the day, made me feel reborn. As a mother, business woman, every day on the go … One of the greatest reasons why I didn't take on other diets was the simplicity and speed of preparing the meals. It is not as simple to prepare yourself appropriate meals according to a given diet, but with a nuMe diet all these problems are solved. When I took up the nuMe diet and saw and feel results on my body already the first week, there was no giving up. It is truly marvellous how fast the results show up. It surprised me also how much energy I got ...

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MILICA, student

For now my everyday breakfast is nuMe Slim shake with oats, the dinner is a must replacing with a soup or a bar, and I have a normal lunch including salad and meat. For a snack if I am too hungry I'm taking a bar or a shake and I'm satisfying my organism with it. I'm 23 kg less for 5 months! And I'm feeling comfortable in my body, I have great energy, I'm not sleeping anymore through the day, I'm not lazy as I used to be! It is a completely new you! I'm challenging you to be part of nuMe program because it completely changed my life and it will change yours for sure!!!

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ZORI JAKOLIN, entrepreneur and mom

I decided to try nuMe slim nutrition which I heard so many good things about. I called Tamara and we set down and started talking. This was a deep talk about my previous patterns and triggers related to food and emotional eating. And she asked me "And what is different this time?" and than I knew this time will be the last time because I will not be dieting, but I will be changing my eating habits and also dealing with the triggers. This coaching how to change the patterns is also included in online NBG plan which you get with every nuMe slim pack. I started with nuMe slim shakes, soups and bars which I might add are delicious. All the optimal macros, proteins, fruits, veggies are in there. And what's the most important my body receives all the vitamins, minerals & fiber in only 118 kcal per meal. And collagen is added for that nice skin during weight loss. And first results are already seen in a week time.

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... and a lot of other women who live A HAPPY, HEALTHY AND SATISFIED LIFE!




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        • ● Is designed to support a 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-week healthy weight loss in a VLCD diet (<800kcal per day), which can help you lose up to 9kg* and replace all your meals for a period of 4 weeks,
          ● gives you the freedom to choose your own taste of healthy living and enjoy your own selection of easy-to-mix slim shakes and soups,
          ● is recommended for most adults who suffer from moderate or severe weight problems, and want to efficiently lose excessive weight and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle in a matter of weeks.
          ● packed with all vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients your body needs to support healthy weight loss (in only 129 kcal per portion), it can be used as the sole source of food in a very low calorie diet (<800kcal),
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          ● you can replace just one meal with nuMe slim shake, soup or bar with Collagen for only 1.40 € per portion,
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        * Average 4-week weight loss in clinical studies: 6-9 kg



        Believe me, I understand your struggle, I understand how it feels when you don’t have strength in the morning to get out of bed and dress up for work because everything in your wardrobe is too tight ... I understand when you start shutting yourself out from your friends, partner, people around you. I understand when you say you are carrying all the burthen of the world on your shoulders or you just can’t find a decent job because everybody is judging you by your looks. When every day seems darker than the other …

        I've also been there.

        In my worst version 15 years ago when I was just so unhappy. Unhappy with my relationship of that time, when I was trying to make somebody else happy and that the person would love me back like I loved him, but he just couldn't return the love that I was giving him.

        I was trying my best and all the time looking for the reasons in me what I was doing wrong. I was giving him my all. And I was craving for his love so much that was just destroying me. Going around in circles how to deal with all that emotions and of course food was my best healer, confider and my best friend. I just felt so good when I was eating and all the problems have just disappeared.

        But than the reality hit and all my dates with food, even binge eating sometimes, had an impact on my weight, on my looks. And I was just unhappy some more. Unhappy with how I looked and just couldn't look myself in the mirror. And I can tell you food can be such a great drug, addictive. But the problem is, that this is addiction which you can not hide, because it's very quickly visible on the outside.  

        BUT ... I managed to turn it around. I took my life in my own hands and rebuild myself into a strong, empowered woman. A nuMe. And YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!

        Allow me to help you putting yourself first and creating the best version of yourself! Allow me to help you make a NU Start today!

        Do you need our help? Please write to me at or call me: +386 30 709 409.

        I'm here for you ....



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