In winter time our body needs support fr us to feel good and have a strong immune system. In today's article we would like to givea few tips how to strenghten your immune system the simplest way possible, so you won't spend this winter in bed or have an aching nose because of all the colds you will suffer.

Winter is almost here, so it is especially important to know what we can do to strenghten our immune system and keep ourselves healthy and free from infection.

Are you wondering why common cold and flu are that contageous?

  • • There are almost 200 viruses causing colds.
  • • Viruses can survive on any surface from a few hours up to a few days.
  • • Infected drops at sneezing or caughing can travel up to 3,5 m.

  • • The viruses can hide themselves in our body cells and it can take up to a week for the body to produce enough antibodies to fight off the disease.
  • • During the season the viruses can mutate, so even if you have developed resistance to the previous viruses, you can nevertheless get infected by the mutated species.

To keep that from happening, here are some tips to help you fight the viruses.


1. Have a balanced nutrition

To support the immune system, your body needs a lot of vitamins, such as A, C, D, E, as well as selenium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. These are mostly found in quality animal protein, pulses, nuts and seeds. Of course we mustn't leave out large amounts of fruit and vegetables. Different superfoods can be of additional support in your maintaining and strengthening the immune system.

It is important you avoid processed meat products, fried foods, non-alcoholic sweet drinks and products with artificail sweeteners and refined sugar, as these depress and weaken the immune system.

2. Consume a lot of vitamin C

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best source of vitamin C that helps strenghten the immune system and keep you healthy. A lot of vitamin C is found in strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, peppers and green vegetables.

3. Use herbs and spices

At cooking use a lot of garlic, onions, ginger, black pepper, curry and turmeric, as these contain substances that help strenghten the immune system.

4. Drink a lot of water

Being sufficiently hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. For a greater effect, add a slice of lemon for additional vitamin C.


5. Have enough sleep

It has been demonstrated that chronic fatigue increases the risk of disease. The body gets rejuvenated and strenghtened suring sleep. If you have the chance, try to sleeep for 7-8 hours a day. You can be sure your body will be grateful.

6. Have enough exercise

Exercise is not just a great way to shape your body, it also strenghtens the immune system, increases the quality of sleep and makes the body stronger. If you don't have any health issues that prevent you from exercising, find time for it, even if that means only taking a long walk.

7. Enjoy the sun

Vitamin D is essential for strenghtening the immune system. If possible, spend at least a few times a week 30 minutes outdoors.

8. Relax, laugh, and enjoy life

Ongoing stress and depression can weaken the immune system and thus make us more susceptible to disease. It is important you enjoy life and relax by doing what you enjoy.


And here's a delicious IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER, a true vitamin bomb to keep you safe from any cold and flu. The smoothie will improve your genreal wellbeing and load you with vitamin C.

You'll need:

- 100g sliced pineapple

- 1 banana

- 1 kiwi

- 1 glass of orange juice

- 1/2 glass of water

- Juice of 1 lemon

- chopped/grated ginger

- 1 spoon of barley grass

Mix all the ingredients together and drink it immediately. Prepare yourself one every day.

In the long run these 8 tips can help your body ensure a greater defence against different diseases, as well as protect you from the influence of ageing. The best tip we can give you is to suffer the least possible amount of stress, have enough sleep and maintain a sufficient intake of vitamins. Pick foods that include substances that will fill you with energy, protect your immune system and give you an optimal balance of nutrients. One of these are definitely also nuMe products, which include 100% of vitamins, minerals and fibre, with the helpful addition of collagen that will return the elasticity to your skin. Check the individual products here >>