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Before you check what we prepared for you in our autumn challenge NEW AUTUMN. nuMe, we wanted to invite you to join our PRIZE GAME. We will choose one woman each week and she will receive a 1-day nuMe Taster Slim Pack. She will test all the new nuMe products and she will also get our Multifunctional nuMe shaker. Do not hesitate, JOIN NOW.

1 day taster pack

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Rules of the prize game, click here >>

Autumn is the time for transformation. Nature prepares slowly for rest and shines in all its perfect beauty. It gives us fruits and crops because it will be covered with a white blanket soon. Autumn is an ideal time for your transformation. You can shine bright like a diamond and create the best version of yourself. A NU you! Put yourself in the first place again and relieve your body, your mind and your spirit of excess pounds.

We've prepared nuMe packs, which include extremely effective and tasty nuMe Slim meals with collagen. They will help you to change your eating habits, jump back into your favorite dress and bring the results you expect. Every week we will also give away 1 nuMe Pack. Apply below and join our prize game now.

On this path, you will be joined by nuMe ambassadors who will share weekly tips, recipes, exercises, and motivate you. They will stand by your side and encourage you on your journey of complete transformation.

Who will be with you?

  • Tamara Sisic Kramer, personal trainer and life coach who will motivate you to make your workout constant. She will help you identify and change your past patterns and bad habits that keep you back to shine bright like a diamond and maximize your potential.
  • ● Sexy mommy Iris Mulej, with tips for young mothers,
  • ● fashion designes Nina Šušnjara, with fashion and style tips,
  • ● famous Yoga Teacher Anja Bohinc, with deep thoughts and Yoga exercises,
  • ● MISS SLOVENIA 2005 and singer Sanja Grohar,
  • ● shoe designer and entrepreneur Alja Viryent, with motivational thoughts in the field of personal growth and entrepreneurship, and tips on how she creates the best version of herself
  • Zori Jakolin, the creator of new opportunities and one of the founders of "500 PODJETNIC"

Nina Šušnjara mnenje

Results From Those Who've Participated in nuMe 360° Concept Have Been Amazing ▼▼▼▼


My journey with nuMe began at the end of April 2017. Having moved to Spain two years earlier from England and leading a very different lifestyle I thought that I may need to lose 5-7 kgs so that my wardrobe of size 8 clothes would fit me again! How wrong I was!! Last year I gained an injury to my shoulder which had left me unable to exercise other than walking. I started a daily fat burning walk.

On 4th May I had to go to the hospital for my pre-medical checks as I was due to have an operation on my shoulder on the 24th May. When the doctor weighed me I was 73 kgs!! I was shocked! How and when had the weight piled on! I am 170 cm and other than my shoulder healthy and fit. I was motivated and bought some digital scales. There was no more pretence and I knew that it was very doable because I enjoyed nuMe shakes, bars and soups and never feeling hungry. In fact, I was probably healthier now as my body started receiving all of the nutrients it needs and the extra collagen.

After the operation I plateaued for nearly two weeks but stuck to nuMe and the fat burning walks as soon as I was able. Needless to say twelve weeks later I have lost 14 kgs and feel happy and healthy. My future goals? To maintain this weight and be the best "nuMe" I can adding yoga to my lifestyle as soon as my shoulder allows.

Sibila Kirn


NBG Coaching Plan helped me revile my patterns why I actually ate and that the reason for my emotional eating was dissatisfaction that I can’t control specific things in my life.  A fear that I have to face with my other problems in my family which more emotionally suffocating me and I was not prepared to deal with them. But when that fear was eliminated through great exercises and tools that NBG coaching plan offers, all the walls started to collapse and my long-lasting transportation started. 

Read Sibila's story >>

Bojana Marinček


During my pregnancy I gained weight and these kilograms were causing a bad mood, I was not happy with myself. With the help of nuMe I lost 17 kg and I was just "Wow", I felt better and started to appreciate myself more. I learned a new rhythm of my body; I know now, what is not good for me and what I need to do to reach my goals. Food is for me no longer dependence; I can control my impulses because I'm aware that eating cannot solve emotional problems. Food is now for me just a source of energy, and no longer a solution for my problems. Tamara's support was very helpful; she listened to me every time I needed her. I admire her because she is always positive and by listening and asking the right questions she brought me step by step to my path of self-discover and to step out of my comfort zone. I didn't just loose weight, I gained NU life.

Sanja Grohar mnenje

nuMe products



● 1-WEEK nuMe SLIM PACK - MIX - DETOX (42 portions), click here >>

● 2-WEEK nuMe SLIM PACK - MIX - SHAKE IT OFF (84 portions), click here >>

● 4-WEEK nuMe SLIM PACK - MIX - BRING YOUR BODY BACK (168 portions), click here >>

● 8-WEEK nuMe SLIM PACK - MIX - TOTAL MAKEOVER (336 portions), click here >>

Are you ready to glow and give yourself and others the best gift - a Life Transformation?

WHAT DO YOU GET IT 1-, 2-, 4- or 8- week nuMe Slim Packs?

  • ● Is designed to support a 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-week healthy weight loss in a VLCD diet (<800kcal per day), which can help you lose up to 9kg* and replace all your meals for a period of 4 weeks,
    ● gives you the freedom to choose your own taste of healthy living and enjoy your own selection of easy-to-mix slim shakes and soups,
    ● is recommended for most adults who suffer from moderate or severe weight problems, and want to efficiently lose excessive weight and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle in a matter of weeks.
    ● packed with all vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients your body needs to support healthy weight loss (in only 129 kcal per portion), it can be used as the sole source of food in a very low calorie diet (<800kcal),
    ● contains at least 70 g proteins in 6 daily meals,
    ● you can replace just one meal with nuMe slim shake, soup or bar with Collagen for only 1.40 € per portion,
    ● contains collagen,
    ● offers EFSA approved weight loss and cholesterol management food supplements,
    ● comes in a fashionable, multifunctional and environmentally friendly case, designed by one of the world’s leading industrial designers Karim Rashid,
    ● GIFT: 2X nuMe multifunctional shaker or water bottle (350ml),
    ● GIFT: 1-, 2-, 4-, 8-week nuMe Body Guide [NBG] to ease your first steps into healthy living,
    ● GIFT: nuMe Slim Boost Soft Chews Sweet Strawberry, designed to quench your hunger when food cravings attack (depends on the pack you will choose).

* Average 4-week weight loss in clinical studies: 6-9 kg

Iris Mulej mnenje


Believe me, I understand your struggle, I understand how it feels when you don’t have strength in the morning to get out of bed and dress up for work because everything in your wardrobe is too tight ... I understand when you start shutting yourself out from your friends, partner, people around you. I understand when you say you are carrying all the burthen of the world on your shoulders or you just can’t find a decent job because everybody is judging you by your looks. When every day seems darker than the other …

I've also been there.

In my worst version 15 years ago when I was just so unhappy. Unhappy with my relationship of that time, when I was trying to make somebody else happy and that the person would love me back like I loved him, but he just couldn't return the love that I was giving him.

I was trying my best and all the time looking for the reasons in me what I was doing wrong. I was giving him my all. And I was craving for his love so much that was just destroying me. Going around in circles how to deal with all that emotions and of course food was my best healer, confider and my best friend. I just felt so good when I was eating and all the problems have just disappeared.

But than the reality hit and all my dates with food, even binge eating sometimes, had an impact on my weight, on my looks. And I was just unhappy some more. Unhappy with how I looked and just couldn't look myself in the mirror. And I can tell you food can be such a great drug, addictive. But the problem is, that this is addiction which you can not hide, because it's very quickly visible on the outside.  

BUT ... I managed to turn it around. I took my life in my own hands and rebuild myself into a strong, empowered woman. A nuMe. And YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!

Allow me to help you putting yourself first and creating the best version of yourself! Allow me to help you make a NU Start today!

Do you need our help? Please write to me at customercare@nu-me.eu or call me: +386 30 709 409.

I'm here for you ....



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