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Packed with enough low-calorie meals, satiety boosters and a complete 360° nuMe Body Guide to support a 2-week healthy weight loss, 2-week nuMe Slim Pack - MIX - Shake It Off is the perfect choice for everyone who needs a quick slimming and beauty boost while enjoying the delicious flavours of slim shakes, soups and bars of their choice. Enjoy the tastiest lifestyle change you have ever experienced! Choose below 14x6 portions of nuMe slim shakes, soups and bar in your favourite flavour!

  • GIFT: 2x nuMe Multifunctional Shaker / Bottle (350ml)
  • GIFT: 1x 10 sachets of nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon
  • GIFT: 2-week nuMe Body Guide (Workout Plan, Coaching Plan and Motivation Plan)
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    Are you ready to start creating a nu you today?

    2-week nuMe Slim Pack  - MIX - Shake It Off:

    • Is designed to support a 2-week healthy weight loss in a VLCD diet (<800kcal per day), which can help you lose up to 5kg* and replace all your meals for a period of 2 weeks
    • Gives you the freedom to choose your own taste of healthy living and enjoy your own selection of easy-to-mix slim shakes and soups
    • Includes complimentary nuMe Multifunctional Shaker Bottle (350ml) and 3-day nuMe Body Guide (NBG) to ease your first steps into healthy living
    • Offers EFSA approved weight loss and cholesterol management food supplements
    • Comes in a fashionable, multifunctional and environmentally friendly case, designed by one of the world’s leading industrial designers Karim Rashid

    * Average 2-week weight loss in clinical studies: 3-5kg


    What do you get in 2-week nuMe Slim Pack - MIX - Shake It Off?

    Enjoy the freedom of losing weight and healthier living by choosing your balanced nutrition mix of nuMe slimming and beauty products:

    • 14x 6 portions nuMe Slim Shakes/Soups (choose among nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen  Chocolate Muffin, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen French Vanilla, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Blueberry Raspberry Heaven, nuMe Slim Shake with Collagen Morning Cappuccino or nuMe Slim Soup with Collagen Garden Veggies)
    • 1x 10 sachets nuMe Water Drainer Drink Juicy Lemon for Elimination of Excess Water and Toxins, Drainage Effect of the Body and Decreases Swelling of Joints
    • 2x nuMe multifunctional shaker bottle (350ml)
    • 2-week NBG Workout Plan, Coaching Plan and Motivation Plan (you access it through your profile account after completing your purchase)

    Change your life, not just your diet!

    Losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle is not just about eating less. If you really want to achieve long-term success, it should be all about changing harmful behavioural patterns, complementing balanced nutrition with physical activity and maintaining motivation.

    2-week nuMe Slim Pack - MIX - Shake It Off covers all that with nuMe Body Guide (NBG), a holistic 3-part guide to living, eating and feeling healthier. NBG Workout Plan provides a workout routine that will complement healthy weight loss through physical activity, NGB Coaching Plan helps identify and change your bad habits, and NBG Motivation Plan provides support in the roughest of times through motivational e-mail or FB messages that will keep you focused on the ultimate goal:  a nu – slimmer and healthier - you!


    Who is it suitable for?

    2-week nuMe Slim Pack - MIX - Shake It Off is recommended for most adults who suffer from moderate or severe weight problems, and want to efficiently lose excessive weight and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle in a matter of weeks.

    nuMe shakes, soups and bars are not recommended for children, young people, elderly people, pregnant women and people with certain food allergies. .


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