I lost 44 Lbs. I am a new woman, new person, new body … awakened, with a new mindset, a better view of myself and the world around me!

It is actually unbelievable how important a change like that can be for your life. When I take a look back now I can see that I had been lying to myself all the time about how pleased I am with myself, hiding from myself every negative thought and of course the hatred towards my disfunctional, oversized body and myself with it. I mean, »hiding«. Of course I was aware of it, but I couldn't survive without lying to myself.

LucijaBy discovering this simple diet, where you simply put water to the pre-prepared meals, mix and drink or eat them and thus introduce all the nutrients your body needs for the day, made me feel reborn. As a mother, business woman, every day on the go … One of the greatest reasons why I didn't take on other diets was the simplicity and speed of preparing the meals. It is not as simple to prepare yourself appropriate meals according to a given diet, but with a nuMe diet all these problems are solved. When I took up the nuMe diet and saw and feel results on my body already the first week, there was no giving up. It is truly marvellous how fast the results show up. It surprised me also how much energy I got. After the first week I felt my body was awkening and that I need to start with exercise. I started taking walks regularly which slowly turned into a love for walking and running. Now thatI spend absolutely too much time sitting behind my desk at work, I can't wait for my evening miles of exercise.

Why? Please, don't make that gesture and say: »Ah, just another food that actually means exercise.« First of all, nutrition represents 80% of dieting, if you haven't known that by now. Only 20% goes to exercise. But this exercise is food for the soul, the good feeling and energy, such a great addition to a balanced diet, you won't even want to avoid it. It has got so much to give: the feeling of a satisfied, pure and elastic body. You will feel positive already after the second minute of exercising, a smile will find its way onto your face, you will swing to the music you hear in the background and feel the sweat that will prove to you something is happening and that it is worth it.

I learned how to lead a helthy life. Thanks to this beginning: the first six weeks of a low-energy diet and 18 pounds less, I learned to eat less in more meals, without a great number of unhealthy meals, these were present only in a very small number. This is how I lost 44 Lbs in 6 months. And now I have been maintaining my weight and new lifestyle for already three years.

<Lucija  Lucija

However, there is no giving up here. This is an everyday struggle, I monitor my energy intake and always have with me a nuMe shake for a quick, low-calorie meal. Or perhaps a delicious little oreo chocolate bar. One of these is always in my bag and I haven't been to the bakery for the whole year to buy me a something, to quickly satisfy my feeling of hunger. Don't think my diet lacks in taste, quite the opposite: I do enjoy a great barbecue, however have it without bread, meat with courgettes and mushrooms, or an excellent cake, prepared by my son, the foodblogger @marko_bakes , which I simply cannot resist. But I eat only one piece and not five, as I used to.

My family is proud of their new mom, an active mom, who does sports, goes on trips, takes part in every family activity, looks forward to nice weather and enjoys nature. And does not remember the mom that used to complain about everything and had a difficult time with everything. Because she wasn't able to bend down to put on her socks. Because she did 100 yards and could barely breathe. And no one dared to tell me there was something wrong with it.

I truly recommend nuMe diet: it is the start you need if you really want to make a change. It will help you make the first step and learn how to preserve your achievements. You will become happy, smiling, and proud of yourself. Because the success will be yours and yours only. It's not easy, but you'll have support. And you'll make the most important people around you, your dearest, extremely happy.