Which type of woman are you? Would you like to make a change, but you find one and again an excuse why it is not the right time for you to start? Or are you perhaps a diligent ant or a woman filled with motivation? Find out which of the five types you belong to.

1.Are you familiar with the following situation: You have decided to start exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle today. So you get yourself a monthly fitness or group exercise pass, or even agree with a personal trainer to start tomorrow. You also buy yourself many meal substitutes and food supplements to help you through, because you are really determined to start for real tomorrow (Monday). However, before your first training in the morning you find one and again an excuse why it is not the right time for you to start (stomach ache, headache, loads of work at the office, etc.). In the end all the supplements and meal substitutes end up gathering dust in the closet while you end up postponing the change of your lifestyle to an undetermined time in the future.

2. Then there is the woman full of drive and motivation, determined that this time she is going to make it. She buys a monthly, quarterly or even a yearly fitness/group exercise pass, or hires a personal trainer. She works out diligently 2-3 times a week and leaves her heart out at the training. But she is currently not willing to change anything more than that. She is somehow unable to make the psychological change of her eating habits. There is still something pulling her back. Food is the one shelter/comfort that still gives her the feeling of security and control over her life. But when she finally realizes that food represents 70% of the result and that if she really wants to make a wholesome change, she will finally have to make a jump and not only a step. Making a single change in your life is a big step, but making two or more is an even greater and harder one. It is also a greater shock for the body. However, when you let go and set yourself a clear goal that you see before yourself every day, it makes it all a lot easier.

3. The third type of woman I meet in my work is a woman of other priorities. Her wish to change is great, but she simply cannot fit regular exercise into her busy schedule, because she is too occupied with taking her children for their afternoon activities and puts herself in a secondary position. She starts working out, but keeps having a lot of excuses and often reschedules or misses out on training, because her priorities are simply elsewhere. She makes a few changes in her eating habits, but every birthday or other social event is an excuse to leave them out. At the same time her busy schedule is draining her out, because she first wishes to be a good mother and wife before anything else. She has put herself last. When is the right time to put herself first again is just a question of her consideration of right timing and repeated dissatisfaction with herself.

4. Then we have the diligent ant. She gets up at 6 o'clock in the morning to get to training on time, in the mean time she organizes the rest of her obligations (work, kids, partner), sticks to her dietary regime and sees a clear goal before her. She meditates on herself, gains on self-confidence and esteem, and improves the quality of her life and her health. Consequently, the relationships with her partner, children and family improve. She starts to involve her new active and healthy lifestyle into her family life, the family spends more time walking, hiking or cycling together, etc. Shopping and dietary habits of the entire family change.

5. The final type is the woman that simply hates sports. She hates fitness training, group workouts, fitness machines and the crowd-instinct-guided workouts. Stepping into a fitness centre is a nightmare for her, because she believes it is a place only for women who like to show out their bodies, look themselves in the mirror and apparently don't have self-esteem problems. She has a great motivation to start a change, because she has finally decided that things cannot go on like this anymore. Due to her feelings about fitness centres she prefers working out at home, guided by a programme downloaded from the internet that she follows three times a week for two weeks, taking up along the way the dietary recommendations given there. After two weeks her motivation drops and she falls back into her old routine.

So, which type of woman are you? Please leave a comment below, and let me know what type are you ;)