My journey with nuMe began at the end of April 2017. Having moved to Spain two years earlier from England and leading a very different lifestyle I thought that I may need to lose 5-7 kgs so that my wardrobe of size 8 clothes would fit me again! How wrong I was!

Sally John

Last year I gained an injury to my shoulder which had left me unable to exercise other than walking. I started a daily fat burning walk. On 4th May I had to go to the hospital for my pre-medical checks as I was due to have an operation on my shoulder on the 24th May. When the doctor weighed me I was 73 kgs! I was shocked! How and when had the weight piled on! I am 170 cm and other than my shoulder healthy and fit. I was motivated and bought some digital scales.

There was no more pretence and I knew that it was very doable because I enjoyed nuMe shakes, bars and soups and never feeling hungry. In fact, I was probably healthier now as my body started receiving all of the nutrients it needs and the extra collagen.

After the operation I plateaued for nearly two weeks but stuck to nuMe and the fat burning walks as soon as I was able.

Needless to say twelve weeks later I have lost 14 kgs and feel happy and healthy.

My future goals? To maintain this weight and be the best "nuMe" I can adding yoga to my lifestyle as soon as my shoulder allows. Thank you nuMe team for your excellent support and customer service. I would recommend this product whole heartedly.

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Author: Sally John

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