>Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Making small changes can make your breakfast healthier and help you prepare your body for your daily activities. Discover our 5 tips for a healthier breakfast.

1. Replace fruit juice for real fruit

Fruit juices contain plenty of sugar, which can lead to an increase in blood sugar. Instead of drinking juice choose a piece of fruit. By doing so you will also eat fiber that helps you stay full longer and can also contribute to lower cholesterol levels.


2. Add protein

Morning dose of protein fills the body with energy and helps you stay energized throughout the day. A good choice for a healthy breakfast are eggs, because they can be prepared in a number of different ways. If you do not like eggs you can use Greek yogurt, quinoa, oat flakes or cottage cheese instead.

3. Healthy fats

We know there are different types of fats, some are healthy and other are unhealthy. Incorporating healthy fats to your breakfast can help your body absorb vitamins. These fats can also help build cell membranes, prevent inflammation and some also help regulate hormones. Try adding avocado to your meal or include some nuts or seeds into your nuMe shake.


4. Watch portion sizes

Yes, it's a real challenge to resist large portions, especially if your breakfast is delicious. Here is our tip: serve food in small plates (cups) so the portions will look bigger. Then sit down and enjoy the food.


5. Avoid processed foods

While snacks and various pastries can be a quicker breakfast, they are not exactly a winning combination. These are usually highly processed and most nutrients are removed. You will become hungry soon after eating them. Processed foods affect your mood too. You can prepare your breakfast the night before if you do not have time to do it in the morning. Otherwise, here are our tasty nuMe shakes or nuMe bars – a quick and easy solution for a healthy breakfast.


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